dimanche 11 mars 2012

Free Energy and Social Responsibility

The question of social responsibility in its socialist form was introduced to me by Friends in Bath, England, during 1987-8. I subsequently read snippets of the social thoughts of Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein. Prior to my announcement of the definition of if in 2003, and prior to writing Biological in 2008, I revisited the events of my life of 1994 to 2003 in which I gave each person a chance to be who he or she is, and each did, whence my repeating assessment of Bertrand Russell's correctness. We mathematical logicians do the work we do, correctly, once, for humanity, and for ensuring the problems we remove have permanent removal. Said human to human with emotional empathy for ones who have suffered, there is incorrectness in assigning suffering to the ones who provide the most while assigning frivolity to the ones unable to discern they are in a constructed system. There is incorrectness in letting the most heinous crimes continue while having the means to stop them and feeling lazy, preferring to sip a latté instead. The problem which put itself, uninvited, into my life in expression in 1994 strikes upon the core question of what our species is. Are we mere flesh spreading ourselves across our planet, mostly oblivious to where money comes from, or do we have brains whose synapses produce thoughts discernible across distance and time via correlated actions. Why not do as we have been doing for over ten thousand years, collapse society, have a power grid failure across a geographic area, and start over from the survivors? That way, the problem would repeat. In the future, another mathematical logician could be interrogated by brutal physical force with survival seriously threatened, interrogated most dumbly as expressions of creatures of flesh and bone less civilized than our domestic animals. Amoeba and snails do logic, so when human semblances refuse logic in preference for brutality without gain, something is wrong in their synapses. Therefore, the natural selection method of crashing civilizations and breeding from the survivors was dysfunctional. Therefore the proper solution, for the prevention of physical and economic torture of mathematical logicians as an expression of capriciousness, and for gene pool corrections to replace the urge to capriciously bite the hands who feed us with sensible and civilized urges, this life I am living is lived once, by one human, by me, ending across our entire species the boring debate between the ones among us who prefer words having meaning inside sensible sentences corresponding to reality, and the ones among us who prefer random gibberish in grammatically correct form. Therefore, I sent this email 

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The problem is we think we exist.

What started in the 1980s as my desire to teach people how to think turned swiftly into twenty years of two repeated debates,

  • whether sentences and physical reality correlating is advantageous, and
  • whether physical reality measurably exists.

In the back of my thoughts while many national leaders have shared their lives and thoughts with me, I struggled to explain coincidental earthquakes, http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20120311/japan-earthquake-tsunami-one-year-anniversary-commemorations-120311/

Coincidental solar flares are easy to explain,

Incorrect evaluations of the situation include:

  • let's pretend we do not have free energy sitting on the table for negotiated entry into the market,
  • let's pretend anything in our lives matters more than this negotiation,
  • let's pretend Jon Borwein invented a code with the word not in 1996,
  • let's pretend Stephen Hawking could be naive,
  • let's pretend that first we handle debts, settle with central bankers, negotiate a price, get everyone to agree on something, force logical people into submission to False Cause and somehow get something positive out of holding everyone hostage, and
  • let's be Canadian by insisting we are not supposed to talk about that and we are not supposed to say people who disconnect from physical reality are being stupid.

If I were Stephen Hawking, I would have free energy rigged physically and socially for my death or disappearance by whatever means causing the end of our existence; without threat, the analysis is correct, the position is correct, the debate between sense and random word generation is done. Yes, let's do take a moment to feel sad this biosphere produced via evolution a species who made the mistake of giving free food to a subset incapable of feeding itself, incapable of being cognitively up to a level of living which may be supported within the constraints of our biosphere. We made this mistake at the expense of the biosphere, at the expense of life here. I think this situation could be rigged for worse, however, Stephen Hawking's thoughts have precision. My estimate is merely the existence of Earth is being negotiated.
If we do agree to the continued existence of Earth, life and our continued species (IE via the physical and measurable result of Stephen Hawking's recovery to full health via DARPA's bionanotechnology, free energy, and anyone who hoped to get in the way sitting down and shutting up), then subsequently we may discuss some of the questions national leaders and central bankers and Stephen Hawking have brought to my attention, all related to population management, education, distribution, economic design and related matters.

Basic Logic

  • False: there is an afterlife.
  • True: While you are alive, you are not yet dead.
  • True: The type of dead we are talking about is different from the types of assessed deaths declared by medical doctors in which the body seems to recover for a while and then dies again.
  • True: The type of dead we are talking about is dust without reference to Chinese poetry, with reference to lasers, solar power and renewable energy.
  • True: Right now, I think life on Earth is dead with probability one,


The unique solution through this situation is to set aside all other priorities, and have DARPA's bionanotechnology healing Stephen Hawking now, without debate; without senseless random sentences; without misunderstandings; without avoidance; without hope of getting free energy after Stephen Hawking dies since I think we die via putting that option to Stephen Hawking, rightly so; without financial leverage; without distraction from those who still wonder whether physics is, whether neurons are, and whether words correlate with physical reality; without further detection of what sick freaks of nature borrowed this moment in evolution to emote "porn causes permission, yuk yuk."; and without waiting for me to repeat the 2003 intro to basic logic in which I spoke the declaration that I was singing.

Anyone who needs any assurance about his or her personal interests which he or she fantasizes could have higher priority than continuing life on Earth, and we do not know whether life exists elsewhere yet could hope so since this tedium is hopeless, can be reassured that yes, we do have a viable economic system outlined and ready for initiation, albeit perhaps without anyone whose priorities are clearly confused. Anyone still feeling unsure about the real role of physics in our lives, hardly a question for political debate, may look at the pictures in Stephen Hawking's Illustrated Brief History of Time. I have the message from many who hope I may negotiate population and life terms with Stephen Hawking and with some bankers; however, that hope arises from absence of understanding the situation. After I see Stephen Hawking recover his health by whatever news reports work, and after I see this physical situation physically including me and Stephen Hawking in the honest financial market which has successfully circumvented the WTO and has the capacity to break away, then I could willingly discuss filtration with him. Until this world groks and adjusts to acceptance and inclusion of physics and logic, the point in any other conversation is moot.

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