jeudi 19 avril 2012


Physics is poetic. Wrote Lucretius, "Things cannot be born from nothing, cannot when begotten be brought back to nothing." Wrote Lavoisier, "Nothing is created; and nothing takes place beyond the changes and modifications in the combinations of these elements." [1]

"Alba Goya, Solo Goya," wrote the painter in his portrait of a duchess. Art's skill outlasts the frigid, cruel, self-made head of the plebians. Her feet too small to stand upon in paint removed in life after death. What love announces itself to deafness tortured by nightmares in standing sitters? [2]

Georges Seurat invented pointellism. Prior to Georges Seurat, pointellism had absence of existence, of which we were unaware, and then he invented it for us (him included) thus we developed awareness of pointellism, everywhere discontinuous paintings. [3] The concepts with which we construct our world disobey conservative energy ideas, such as the notion of situations having pre-formed kinetic energy to spend, imagined as existent potential. Some situations are that obedient. A phoenix keeps her turtle safe.


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