While learning & practicing AdWords and writing persuasive-logic.ca, I have been keeping in mind how to observe today. I could reread Beginning to See by Sujata, which I think may be more productive than sewing. I thought I was living today right until two very different emails from BBB got my same response to local vapidity and parasitic laziness. It seems as though their "culture" includes the algorithmic response to input, "How can I cop out to the least expense to me, the most expense to the biosphere, humanity and people, while making my brainlessness seem an innocent joke?" That's different from Canadian, whatever that is, although that gave Canada a dubious reputation for a while. I feel heartened by seeing the healing participation from eastern Canada, Québec and France, the Natives and also from western Canadians who move here, with their individual lives aiming to solve the problem by migration. I am so focused on the AdWords Certification, with rapid & successful completion, I have for a few days stopped the 3 hour sojourns to the gym. 3 hours out is too much in view of real priorities in our real communities. Quoting from Beginning to See, page 15, choices in a meditator's life are very simple: he does these things which contribute to his awareness, he refrains from things which do not. I also assess this situation in terms of who is inside which activities. The amount of information exchange in each 3 hour sojourn to the gym is thankfully near-nil, and repulsively low quality. I like being in my strong body so I keep the habit while the habit makes sense. 

I am considering a butterfly theme across Persuasive Logic and stationery. The heart of course, and different butterflies scattered here and there, reminding us of nature and transformation still being part of this. Today I felt given a gift in two emails from the Better Business Bureau in full opposite to one another, one upright and directly honest, that other seeming written by a lazy secretary hoping to get away with coping out while sounding saccharine.