mercredi 29 février 2012

Gone to dust by his child's sword, so may'st all 
Who through their spawn seek life continued free
Past time when their contributions appall;
With air entitled, they but beggars be. 
Nature's loan includes our talent, and while
Misers walk among us without poetry; 
Guilty of usury as charged, thy child
Protects her time by exorbitant fees. 
Consummated passion, our minds entwined, 
What's writ we share; minds secreted away
From what's writ within our souls, fears opined
And allayed. All needs eat nor yet delay; 
   T'wixt life's start and end, write fond memories
   For our dead and our living yet to be. 

Keeping a committed fallacy generator hidden causes financial woe in otherwise healthy organizations. A best practice and honest solution for organizations includes identifying and removing committed fallacy generators, specifically the ones who, incapable of logic, rely on anything else to aspire for any results. Ayn Rand's societal analysis does begin to identify a ternary pattern in human behaviour, however, Ms. Rand's economic observations omitted the biosphere and if per tradition, whence Ms. Rand's mistake since our world might easily occur without violence, in peaceful business transactions for conflict elimination as demonstrated by China during 2004 to 2009, and continuing. I conjecture, the Chinese agricultural revolution happens in a culture which values physical resource protection, thereby including working trade practices, in contrast to some of the trade practices from the Mesopotamian-Nile agricultural revolution whose influences may include severe exploitation and lazy dependency.

The biosphere is the lurking variable previously unseen by Economists. The correct definition of if, with 0 implying 0 and 1 implying 1, is what the biosphere does, is what snails do, and is what amoeba do. Therefore, we have this standard for behaviour consistent with Logic, Physics and Finance which suffices for humanity to have economic recovery worldwide.

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, ISBN 0 451 19114 5
Guns, Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond, ISBN 0 393 31755 2
Synaptic Self, Joseph LeDoux, ISBN 0 14 20.0178 3

I wrote this poem on Hallowe'en, 2005. Happy Independence Movement Day to South Korea.

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