mardi 21 février 2012

Yesterday was Family Day, inspired by Alberta who these days seems to be feeling choked by the international assessment of their oilsands being too dirty. I am bored of anyone who hopes to get something for nothing. The way I prefer to celebrate family day this year is to appreciate Mikhail Prokhorov for bringing laughter and productivity back into my life, and for being the first human to have been so generously thoughtful with me since December 1994. I also appreciate my selected family, The Rothschilds, with focus on the French Branch and Uncle Nat, of course. The Shoah is in my thoughts, and since all of what has existence has its existence due to its trade relations, my first focus is to balance ancient accounts which is impossible without trade, therefore to open trade, and through trade to establish friendly relations as per Eric's suggestion, relations with the ones who still have witness to give. Certainly my family and the leaders of Beijing correctly assess my preference for hearing someone else's life and for attending to the sensitive information management of human beings of quality, experience and gift for the future sufficient for my skills to be of some relevance. Who writes Mr. Xi's biography may have insight into the variety of economic hypotheses implemented experimentally in China during the 1900s, each region having different experiences, and I think such important information could be very relevant to globalization since we have the mathematics of the solution in place, yet could still appreciate the guidance of a century of experience with economic experiments, valuable information such as China and Russia may offer us.

Approximately 22 years ago, en famille, we sometimes watched a movie together. Lord of War starring Nicolas Cage is among the films which showed me the educational value of a movie having popular appeal, rather than keeping academia locked to the notion of only videos of lectures and documentaries for information diffusion. Since the late 1990s, I have been attracted to the concept of the movie industry being able to entertain and educate, for example,

  • this is how to form a community from inertia, 
  • this is how to start a barter economy from the Stone Age, 
  • this is how to educate the general public, especially the ones who avoid the news. 
Lord of War is the first movie I found which explains the concept of the existence of the world at an appropriate level for many people in our consumer society. In December 2011, Google broadcast clear as day the message, Our Financial System Is Collapsing, without seeing any behavioural changes in society, changes which would make sense, such as increases in productivity and communication. I conjecture habitual consumers in our society seemed incapable of hearing Google's clear message due to their missing the concept of the existence of the world which is presented in Lord of War; IE I think Lord of War could be a cognitive prerequisite to Google's announcement. 

Here is another perspective on the same issue. APEC happened in December 2011, and together with many news readers who feel personally connected to this world, many of APEC's events communicate directly to us in our personal lives. By contrast, while the APEC events were happening, the type of conversation I was invited to join in local grocery stores was at the level of seeking strawberry jam, which I mention for the purpose of demonstrating the cognitive gap between many in the population and many news articles. How to introduce seekers of strawberry jam to the concept of the existence of the world? By way of movies. Songs work for that level of the population, too, for example I Can by Nas reviews some history. Alternatively, we could readjust the world's currencies in the traditional manner. 

Imagine living in a world in which anyone can pay for two hours of entertainment in a movie theater and walk out knowing, as though by magic, the basic concept of trading goods and services for goods and services without mugging, without lying and without being lazy. Also learnable by the same so-called magic are manners, effective habits for living, good consumption habits, and some advanced concepts from Computing Science such as the difference between gossip and bug reports. I thought of this in 2000 and initially considered writing my own scripts. Then in 2004 I wrote to some wonderful human beings in Creative Artists Agency whose script writing skills exceed my own. I am delighted with the role of sending my concepts to leaders in the movie industry, humans who work appropriately with subject matter experts. I consider the ones who held my life during 2004 to 2011 as part of my family, too. 

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