lundi 27 février 2012

What’s more, those who lead the global warming denial movement, along with creationists, intelligent design writers and the “mathematicians” who flood our Inboxes with claims that pi is rational or other similar nonsense, are operating well outside the established boundaries of peer-reviewed science. Fred Singer, arguably the leading figure of the denial movement, has only six peer-reviewed publications in the climate science field, and none since 1997.After all, when issues such as these are “debated” in any setting other than a peer-reviewed journal or conference, one must ask, “If the author really has a solid argument, then why isn’t he/she back in the office furiously writing up this material for submission to a leading journal, thereby assuring worldwide fame and glory?”
That sounds similar to a reunion of Banach and Tarski. Scientists forcing themselves and their pursuits at global agenda levels above and beyond the good work of many national leaders in relations, logic and finance who negotiate together for compassionate and educated solutions to difficult problems, could express new heights in human arrogance. Rather than prematurely announcing breakthroughs in quantum physics, holding societal organization together via globally integrated medias for smooth transition from one financial system to the next makes sense. There are those who believe Pi rational? Tourette's symptoms could transcend friendship. Pie transcends else causes weight gain, thus may increase attraction. Carrying seven billion of us through this transition answers the question, why not pretend small-scale fame and glory merely from some peer-reviewed papers in science could ever be more important and more urgent than the well-being of humanity, stability of our global balance of powers, effectiveness of our international relations, dignity in our international trade negotiations, honesty in our knowledge economy and decency in the roots of our mathematical systems replacing that religion, Economics, worldwide? I am aiming for all the Nobel prizes, complexity, Riemann in faith, with Mathematics replacing Economics. Besides, I have fondness for learning languages and collecting different ways different humans think. Present status of Mathematics and Economics ain't. We have clarity with full international agreement plus human system authority and balance of power in Logic, Physics, and Banking. I suggest replacing analysis of arithmetic sequences with what-if scenarios of continuously deployed finite state machines missing stopping conditions. Urgent and important beyond these topics, some matters in business have my attention these days; for example, redefining business process globally for having business success by design be available to us and followers. Trade relations give rise to existence. I think participating countries might accept with gratitude having businesses succeed on purpose rather than trying to surf the haphazard flux of whimsy and modernists who hoped in vain for advantage. Jon's blog also mentions the importance of peer review. We can have a problem. My peers include national leaders. IE, negotiations nowadays include the balance of power between academia and government which suits replacement of oil with information. Let anyone who presumes memorizing rote data a skill fuel development of globalization with compassionate deployment of our human intellectual resources, and feel welcome. I want us to have the US Embassy in Baghdad, for education, standards, and for retention of human practices which include continuous economies, with the Silk Road open. This deploys without short-circuits of viable systems, as mere scientific experimentation without social context would have. Anyone who refused to pay attention has the consequences of that. 
There was an ordinary day in an era long gone when a female who believed lim sup [0, 1] nonexistent and who gave public demonstration of her notion that monotone increasing sequences could plausibly be mistaken for monotone decreasing sequences in matters of real life and real governance, asked a Mathematician whom I cherish to humble himself toward her, myself his only witness. I reject her actions and her "mind". My lineage of mind includes Bertrand Russell; I aim to solve a problem once, permanently.

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